Hardwood Garden Label

Approx: 6"L x 1.5" W x .375" T

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  • Rot resistant, Laser engraved, Hawaii grown Hardwood
    • Turmeric
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Need help remembering all the different and cool types of turmeric you planted from Aloha Turmeric? We have found so many cool ones around the world that its hard to keep track... And then we came up with a solution, Check out our local harvested wooden garden stake! it lets you know the variety of turmeric your growing, simply push it in the soil next to your aloha turmeric, 

-great for impressing your garden friends. 

It includes the scientific name and the variety so you dont have to remember, it also has an image because its a universal human language. 

We make these at the farm shop just for you, if you want to customize it just enter in the text you wish to see and we will send you an example for your approval. 

What we love most about these stakes is they DONT ROT, they are made of Eucalyptus sideroxylon HARDWOOD or Iron bark Eucalyptus. This wood has been used for the keel of ships in generations past because it resists ship worms. pretty cool! so we know if we put a stake in the soil that it will last though the next 9 months till we are ready to harvest. that way even if we harvest after the plant is down and dry the rihzomes and their orgin are aviable on the Hardwood Garden label

let us send home a little stake to help remind us where we come from. 


these are hardwood they are left to be natural when ever possible, sizes may varty