Our story

Here at Aloha Turmeric, we love to farm. To this day, we still sit in amazement watching the tiny seeds we plant grow and flourish into crops that can feed generations to come. Getting to witness the cycles of nature keeps us grounded, gives us purpose and reminds us daily of the inherent wisdom of life.

                        Aloha Turmeric is a small family-owned and operated agricultural processing and farming business in Hawaii.                        

Aloha Turmeric Farms

Our turmeric journey started like most of our farming experiences – with curiosity and a “Go for it!” attitude. Although we were familiar with the culinary uses and health benefits of this herb, we had only known turmeric as the bright yellow powder sold in stores. We had never seen a turmeric plant or even a fresh root until we moved to Hawaii, where we were introduced to a new world of tropical agriculture.

In 2015, we purchased 100 pounds of organic turmeric and planted on our small family farm. That first year we harvested by hand and washed our harvest with a garden hose. Though satisfying, we realized how much work it is to harvest and wash turmeric roots. With our backgrounds in engineering and mechanics, we set out to design and build our own planting and harvesting machinery. Using our new technology, we were able to increase to a half acre of crops the following season. Next we repurposed some old equipment into a washline and were able to wash up to 100 pounds an hour, much easier than a garden hose! Our founder and CEO Kevin, set up a research trip in conjunction with Professor Ted Radovich of the University of Hawaii at Manoa to travel through Southeast Asia in order to learn more about ancient and modern farming practices, uses and wisdom around turmeric – they visited with many farmers throughout India, Singapore, Myanmar and Thailand – and collected rare varieties of turmeric to study back in Hawaii.

Turmeric had welcomed us into her world and we were hooked!

In order to create a viable business around turmeric, we knew that processing our fresh roots into powders and juices was a must. Again, we love a challenge and we love to build things, so we set out to design a processing facility here on the island of Oahu. During this time we fortuitously met a new partner and friend, Denny Kwock of Daily Wellness supplements. Combining our passions for turmeric and regenerative agriculture, together we set out to create a line of full spectrum, organic turmeric supplements.

We are currently quite busy here at AlohaTurmeric. We are expanding on all fronts and excited to see what the future holds. We hope to help spread regenerative organic agricultural practices throughout Hawaii, provide a fair market for our fellow local farmers and create high quality turmeric products for our valued customers. Thank you so much for joining us on our journey.

Certified Organic Hawaiian Grown

What we Do

Grow high quality, certified organic crops in Hawaii

Conserve soils by minimizing tillage, cover cropping, and mulching

Conserve and increase agrobiodiversity 

Save and share seed

Help other farmers get started growing turmeric

Value small scale family farms

Ship direct from our farm

Handle and process our products directly

Enjoy long walks on the beach and sailing

Test our soil and turmeric for toxins to ensure a clean, healthy product

Test our products on our family and friends

Regenerative Organic Agriculture

What we Don't Do

Use synthetic fertilizers or pesticides

Use any chemicals to process our products

Resell or repackage produce from other countries

Use any fillers or bulking agents in our products

Sell anything we don’t fully believe in

Test our products on animals or people who don’t want to try them