Fresh Organic Black Turmeric 2022

Curcuma Caesia available February to June

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    Black Turmeric

    Genus: Curcuma caesia 

    Rhizome: Small sized rhizomes, off-white outer skin with stunning glacier blue interior

    Flavor: Very strong camphor, menthol flavor, potent taste

    Uses: Medicinal, topical, religious/cultural uses.  Not typically used for culinary purposes.

    USDA Certified Organic

    This blue beauty is a crowd favorite.  Despite lacking the traditional orange color associated with turmeric, this variety does contain some curcuminoids, along with a handful of other active compounds including camphor, which gives its intense flavor.  Due to its strong flavor, it is not typically used in cooking.  Instead, it is mainly used topically in tinctures and poultices.  It is documented to have a number of therapeutic properties including anxiolytic, antimicrobial, antiulcerogenic and antioxidant properties among others as well as being a smooth muscle relaxant.  We are learning more about this somewhat mysterious variety, and are curious what uses you have for it.